At FotoKem, we are focused on serving the creative vision of our customers. By collaborating with
filmmakers as early as pre-production, we blueprint powerful production and finishing workflows
using artistry, proficiency and technology-driven solutions.


With award-winning technology and experienced artists, we empower our customers' creativity. Utilizing
extensive image science, consistent color management from on the set through finishing allows for unlimited
aesthetic flexibility and follow-through of creative intent. FotoKem works in conjunction with leading camera
manufacturers to ensure the most efficient processing of RAW file formats and camera media, in many cases
developing our own toolsets to enhance the dailies and finishing process.

Industry-leading colorists work hand-in-hand with cinematographers, directors, and producers to make artistic
visions a reality. Final color choices are seamlessly converted to provide masters for digital cinema, theatrical
film, home video and digital distribution.


  • HD, 2K, 4K, 8K resolution formats in 2D or 3D
  • File-based, tape-based, or film-based workflows
  • Custom LUT creation

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FotoKem brings proven technologies, tools and expertise to your production, helping you to deliver stunning,
technically sound 3D content. We understand that a comfortable 3D viewing experience is an inseparable
part of successful storytelling. FotoKem's services begin with pipeline building and production support. These
services continue with previews, the final DI, 3D and 2D deliverables as well as 3D sweetening and custom
3D image enhancement.


  • Pipeline building and support from pre-production through final deliverables
  • On-set support including 3D dailies, data archives, editorial media and executive screeners
  • 3D convergence sweetening, geometry adjustments and custom 3D repair
  • 3D color correction
  • 3D image enhancement
  • 3D subtitling

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Recording, manipulating, and mastering sound to its highest potential is one of the most difficult and important
parts of finishing a professional production. At FotoKem, we've built an industry-leading sound division that
superbly executes the art and craft of high-quality audio mastering. The FotoKem family of sound services
includes LA Studios®/Margarita Mix® ( and Keep Me Posted ( In addition
to mixing environments, the facilities provide sound supervision services, video game editorial, sound effects
creation, and a variety of recording capabilities.


  • Digital and Analog Laybacks and Conform
  • Audio Restoration
  • Audio Transfer
  • Dolby, DTS, SDDS Optical Track Creation
  • Audio Quality Controls and Reports
  • ADR / Voiceover (LA Studios®)
  • DVD commentary Recording and Mixing (Margarita Mix®)
  • Mixing, Mastering, Pre-Dubbing (KMP, Margarita Mix®)
  • Series Editorial and Conform (KMP)

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Visual Effects

Visual effects have become an integral piece of even the smallest projects and central to the delivery of more
elaborate visual storytelling. The teams at FotoKem are well positioned to address the unexpected in post as
well as deliver compositing and a wide spectrum of visual enhancements through the finishing process. In 2009,
FotoKem acquired SPY (, adding the ability to design, supervise, and execute visual effects
pipelines from preproduction to delivery on feature films, television and commercial projects.


  • Onset/Project VFX Supervision & Consulting
  • Look Development
  • Photo-real Computer Generated (CG) Imagery
  • CG & Digital Effects Animation
  • CG Physical Effects Animation (i.e. dust, smoke, fire, etc.)
  • Client supervised compositing based on Flame
  • Distributed compositing pipeline based on Nuke & After Effects
  • Matte Paintings
  • Photo-real CG & Live Action Integration
  • Match Move / Tracking / Stabilization
  • Color/LUT Management
  • Paint & Roto


  • Conceptual Design
  • Boarding & Animatics
  • Motion Graphics
  • Title & Logo Treatments
  • Interface Design
  • Typeset titles
  • 2D and Stereoscopic 3D Graphics Finishing

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“I am struck by the quality of the
 images that came out of the pipeline.”

 Steve Bernstein, ASC

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“FotoKem made all the complex 3D post
 corrections look easy, and managed a
 huge amount of data without a hitch.”

 Peter James, ACS, ASC

“The relaxed, professional attitude at
 Margarita Mix® inspires creativity.”

 Jane Krull
 Producer, TBWA/Chiat/Day

“My 3D project at Margarita Mix® was met
 with great technical, creative and client
 services support.”

 Lorraine Kraus
 Senior Producer

“Working with SPY, they did a great job of
 creating realistic CG effects and integrating
 them with the film to ensure our work never
 stood out or pulled the viewer away from
 the events and the characters in the film.”

 Jonathan Rothbart
 VFX Supervisor

“SPY gave us everything we needed,
 and delivered high-quality work on time.”

 Mark Kolbe
 VFX Supervisor