nextLAB® Mobile

FotoKem's nextLAB® Mobile system redefines file-based production pipelines, setting a new standard for
productivity and quality. Our unified mobile systems bring powerful workflow capabilities on set and near
location, anywhere in the world. Customers can access metadata, sync audio, manage color, and transcode
anywhere your production goes.

Developed by FotoKem's workflow experts, it is an extension of the company's in-house services, backed by
decades of experience and knowledge. Our award-winning software securely manages media, archives to
LTO and provides quality control tools at every step. streamlining the dailies and finishing process.


  • Manage camera original media, access metadata, generate reports
  • Quality control at every step, data checking and security
  • Audio syncing
  • Color management and LUT creation through editorial and finishing
  • Dailies creation and transcoding
  • LTO archiving and redundancy checks

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Productions can begin their project at the earliest stage by renting offline Avid and Final Cut Pro systems,
storage, decks, and other essentials from FotoKem's Non-Linear Service Department. FotoKem's non-linear
workflow specialists will help you plan and test your post process from pre-production onward.

In addition to equipment rentals, FotoKem's Non-Linear Service Department operates several buildings in Los
Angeles, which enables us to provide production and post space if needed. Simply move in and start working.


  • 24/7 technical support (both phone and on-site)
  • Deliverable systems locally, nationwide and overseas
  • Kitchens
  • IP-phone and security systems
  • 24/7 access
  • Copier / Scanner / Fax Units
  • Furniture
  • Parking

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“With FotoKem's nextLAB® Mobile services,
 dailies can now be delivered with
 incredible speed and quality”

 Amy Vincent, ASC

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“FotoKem has always handled our needs
 and requests quickly, while offering
 superb technical assistance all the way

 Dustin Montez
 Post Production Supervisor